A Member Of The Royal Family R...


A Member Of The Royal Family Reveals They’d Love To Star In Bridgerton


10:51 7 Jun 2024

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She’d be perfect for the role!

A member of the royal family has revealed she’d loved to star in Bridgerton.

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson was being interviewed on Good Morning Britain when she revealed she was a fan of the show and was “desperate” to be on it.

“I want to be on Bridgerton,” she said emphatically to the show's host Susanna Reid, “Susanna let’s go on Bridgerton!”

“Well I’ll tell you what you’re likely to get on Bridgerton now you’ve said that!” Susanna said to this.

“I think Lady Penelope should have a friend who’s got red hair like me!” the Duchess replied jokingly.

Fans of Bridgerton are gearing up for the second half of season 3 after being left on a steamy cliff hanger at the end of the fourth episode.

Part Two of the latest season will be available to stream on Netflix from the 13th of June.

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