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'A supermarket is your main risk' - Ashley Young shares Italian insight

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Inter wing-back Ashley Young is among the millions who currently find themselves on lockdown in Italy.

The 34-year old made the surprising move from Manchester United to the Milan club in January, and appeared to have been settling well at his new club before coronavirus brought a halt to Italian sport.

Clearly troubled by what he's been witnessing in his native England, Young has been sharing the realities of what lockdown is like in the country bitten hardest by COVID-19.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson laid out plans for a three-week 'lockdown' in the UK on Monday night but, despite asking the public not to leave home unless absolutely essential, his measures stopped short of what the people of Italy are currently enduring.

Young has remained in Milan during the crisis, unable to return to England and has been sharing his experiences on Twitter.

He's been reminding his followers that "lockdown means lockdown."

He goes on to say, "In Italy going to the supermarket is surprisingly calm... no fights over food, no stripped shelves and most certainly no abusing staff members for limiting food or any reason at all!

"And in almost every case it’s usually just one person shopping for a household!"

Young's also advised, "Always keep your distance at the till. Keep the trolley behind you when you unpack at the till as it stops people from being able to to get too close."

The former Aston Villa and Watford had one vital tip for everyone, "This may sound harsh but treat everybody that’s not in your household as if they have the virus, you just don’t know!!!"

There have been some cranks saying such measures are draconian, with the likes of The Telegraph having headlines like "End of freedom", but Young insists, "it’s not an overreaction, it’s staying safe.

"And just remember others should be looking at you in this way as well. It’s not horrible, it’s a way of keeping your distance to ultimately help save lives."

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