"He reminds me of my dad" - Stephen Kelly reveals special influence of Paul McGrath

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Former Irish international Stephen Kelly addressed his own upbringing as Off the Ball's "Football Saturday Live" took a distinctly nostalgic turn this afternoon.

Joined in studio by Johnny Ward and Daniel McDonnell, Kelly recalled the particular importance of Irish legend and his childhood "hero" Paul McGrath.

"Listen, he had his flaws but my God what a player," Kelly stated on this afternoon's show.

"He was just amazing, his ability to get around the pitch and read the play. Considering what was going on in the background it's even more amazing."

Away from McGrath's ability on the pitch, however, Kelly found in the former Manchester United defender a personal resemblance somewhat unique to his own upbringing.

"Well I'm mixed-race and my Dad would be similar looking to Paul McGrath," Kelly noted.

"When I was growing up I was a centre-back and I think he had a son who was a similar age to me."

Delving into greater detail on the subject, Kelly revealed the palpable sense of uncertainty still surrounding the further reaches of his background.

"My Dad was adopted when he was a kid," Kelly stated.

"So we don't actually know his heritage or where he's come from.

"We don't know what country he's from, not at the moment anyway."

You can listen back to this afternoon's show in full here.

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