New report says Conlan fight r...


New report says Conlan fight result may have been 'predetermined'

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A manipulation system for bouts at the 2016 Rio Olympics was in place - with Michael Conlan's defeat one of the matches affected according to a new report. 

An independent report - released today - stated that there was evidence of the system in place at the games and that approximately 11 bouts were 'suspicious'.

Richard McLaren, the head of the investigation, says that a culture of 'fear, intimidation and obedience' existed among AIBA officials.

The AIBA now say that they will address the claims - including ensuring there is 'justice for the past'.

Conlan was controversially denied a medal in Rio, having been deemed to have lost his bantamweight quarter-final against Russia's Vladimir Nikitin.

The Irish boxer was adamant in the aftermath that he had been cheated out of a medal.

Now, in McLaren's report, further light is cast on the judging of the fight.

Significantly, the report says that the judging pattern in Conlan's bout may suggest that 'the result had been premeditated'.

Speaking to the media on the launch of the report, which looked into refereeing and judging of contentious fights, McLaren said there was evidence of major planning.

“The seeds of this were sown years before, starting from at least the Olympic Games of the 21st century through the events around 2011 and London 2012,”

“The qualifying competitions along the route to participation in Rio in 2016 were the practice ground for the corruption and manipulation of bouts at Rio.

“At the Olympic qualifiers, the manipulation methodology was fine-tuned in anticipation of use in Rio.”

However, he said it was not his decision as to whether the results would be overturned, as he was only the lead investigator.

“The information we have will be turned over to the boxing federation,” he added.

“If they think there’s justification in declaring that the bout was manipulated then, based on the rules at the time, the decision will have to be made.”

Conlan made his feeling known in a tweet shortly after the contents of the report were released.

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