Taylor shuts down Serrano's 3-...


Taylor shuts down Serrano's 3-minute round call at fiery press event

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Katie Taylor has shot down Amanda Serrano's suggestion of contesting their April 30 bout over twelve three-minute rounds. 

The pair were visibly more on edge during their second major press conference in London, to hype their Madison Square Garden showdown, with Serrano in particular happy to add more needle to proceedings.

When asked about the historic weight of their fight, Serrano told the assembled media, "I'm a woman for equality, and we all talked about equality on this table - multiple times.

"We're making history at the Garden, being the first women to headline. We're making the biggest payday for both of us.

"I think we should just continue, and make this fight iconic - make change in this game - and if Katie Taylor's willing, I'm ready and willing to make this an equal fight. Twelve rounds, three minutes."

At that juncture, Serrano's promoter Jake Paul bellowed, "Let's go!", with the seven-weight world champion adding, "I say if we want to make change... we're making headlines, we're talking, we're getting interest and this is all about equality and we should make the change right now."

Turning to Taylor, Serrano asked, "So, Katie - are you up for it?"

"Twelve three-minute rounds," Taylor replied.

"Twelve three-minute round - let's do it like the men," Serrano fired back.

Clearly unimpressed with the surprise request, the undisputed lightweight champion told Serrano, "I really don't really feel that will make a huge difference to the... the event is already iconic like it is.

"The fact that the pre-sales are the second best in history says it all really. This fight is more important than we even realise.

"This proves that the perceptions have changed already. Boxing is boxing, regardless, and the fight is already iconic the way it is."

When Serrano suggested the pair should "take a stand", and demand three-minute rounds, Taylor told the Puerto Rican that they were already taking a stand in making the fight.

Serrano made every effort to appear the more relaxed of the two on the London stage on Monday, telling reporters that she respected Taylor but will beat her by boxing clever.

"I have everything," she said, "There is no questioning my heart, my skills, my power, my chin - so there's nothing, I don't think, Katie Taylor has that can 'answer the questions' that need to be answered.

"I'm a Boricua. I have Latin blood, and I have all the heart in the world."

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