There's Concern Over Impact Of...


There's Concern Over Impact Of Restrictions On City Trade


01:41 4 Dec 2021

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Dublin Town says the new restrictions announced by the Government will be extremely damaging for businesses in the city centre.

It says shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and traders depend on the Christmas season to survive and the Government urgently needs to support these businesses.

Dublin Town CEO, Richard Guiney says footfall has dropped:

He says "well we've already seen trade falling quite significantly in, in the city, so in the first week of November we were up to 85 per cent of our pre-pandemic footfall levels, that's fallen to 71 per cent. And I think obviously with further restrictions we can see that falling somewhere in the mid 60 per cent range. So we're at a level now where businesses, you know, will not be able to survive without government supports."


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