Taxi Fares Could Rise By 12%


Taxi Fares Could Rise By 12%

Fiona Cooney
Fiona Cooney

07:18 25 Apr 2022

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The National Transport Authority has recommended that taxi fares increase by up to 12% in a new report.

In a statement the NTA said “The report published today has found that overall, the costs associated with operating a taxi increased between 2017 and 2022 by approximately 11%,” said the NTA in a statement.

“An increase in maximum taxi fare levels to reflect this is recommended in the report.”

Along with the proposed fare increase, the organisation are seeking to implement cashless payment options across all taxis.

The NTA has said that due to the cost of implementing cashless payments, including hardware and transaction fees, an additional 1% should be added to the maximum fare.

A public consultation has been opened on the issue of taxi fares and the card option, and will run until May 27th.

When asked about claims of a taxi shortage, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights, NTA CEO Anne Graham said "the number of taxi drivers is appropriate, but we would always welcome more".

She added, "increasing nighttime fares will incentivise drivers to work more at night to get people home from pubs and clubs".

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