Swimmer Rescued Off Coast of H...


Swimmer Rescued Off Coast of Howth

Alex Rowley
Alex Rowley

06:54 22 Apr 2024

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A man has been rescued off the coast of Howth after getting into difficulty.

He was spotted by a ferry crews clinging to a marker buoy about 1km from shore yesterday evening.

He had been swimming on Burrow Beach and then decided to swim out to Ireland's Eye.

The Adam Patricia ferry took the swimmer on board and alerted the Coast Guard unit from Howth which was sent to meet the ferry.

Its crew took the tourist in his 20s who had been in the water for two hours to its local station.

The man was suffering from severe hypothermia and was then taken to Beaumont Hospital.

Howth Coast Guard is warning people long distance swimming without proper precautions is not recommended.

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