Schools Can Return To Normal o...


Schools Can Return To Normal on Monday


08:14 24 Feb 2022

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Social distancing pods and bubbles are gone, and sporting activities, music, singing and breakfast clubs can all resume in schools from Monday.

It's part of new guidance issued to schools by the Department of Education last night , which's encouraging them to return to normal routines and activities.

Mask wearing will no longer be required, however anyone wishing to continue wearing a mask should be allowed do so.

General Secretary of the ASTI, Kieran Christie, says it'll take time to get used to the changes

"The previous regimes that have been in place in schools have effectively been dismantled, with effect from next week. Obviously, there is some trepidation around all of that but I have every confidence that school communities will adapt and will continue to do the very best the can in the circumstances we find ourselves in."

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