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Sabina Higgins Condemns Illegal Russian Invasion - "Dismayed" At Letter Backlash

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

06:13 2 Aug 2022

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Sabina Higgins says she strongly condemns the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

President Michael D Higgins' wife has been criticised for her a letter she wrote to the Irish Times last week, where she called for talks to agree a ceasefire and negotiations.

In a statement this evening, Sabina Higgins says she put the letter on her dedicated section of the website and subsequently took it down.


Sabina Higgins said she was dismayed people would find anything unacceptable in a plea for peace and negotiations, when the future of of humanity is threatened by war, global warming and famine.

She said from the outset she strongly condemned the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The statement comes amid controversy over a letter to the Irish Times, which was published last week in which she criticised an editorial published by the paper
in which she expressed her "disappointed" and "dismay" that it did not "encourage any ceasefire negotiations that might lead to a peace settlement".

President Michael D Higgins issued a statement at the weekend reiterating his condemnation of the war in Ukraine following criticism of his wife for writing the letter.

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