NZ Plans To Ban Young People F...


NZ Plans To Ban Young People From Ever Buying Cigarettes


08:12 9 Dec 2021

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New Zealand is planning a new law to phase out the sale of cigarettes and create a smoke-free generation.

From 2027, ministers want a moving ban on tobacco products, ensuring anyone aged 14 at the time will never be legally allowed to buy them.

Ministers think current measures like plain packaging aren't enough to reach a target of cutting the smoking population to less than five percent.

It will make the country's tobacco industry one of the most restricted in the world.

Ayesha Verrall is a health minister in New Zealand and has been outlining the new measures;

"They're is no safe age to start smoking. We are also reducing the appeal and addictiveness and availability of smoked tobacco products. New laws will mean only smoked tobacco products, containing very low levels of nicotine, can be sold."

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