Murderers Could Be Forced To S...


Murderers Could Be Forced To Spend 20 Years Or More In Prison Before Parole.

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

04:06 31 Aug 2022

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Murders and other serious criminals could be faced with 20 years behind bars, before they’re permitted to apply for parole.

The Justice Minister is working on a number of Penal Reforms, including harsher sentences for heinous crimes.

Serious Crimes

Under these reforms, judges will be given the discretion to hand out minimum sentences for those found guilty of serious crime - such as rape and murder.

The Justice Minister says she wants perpetrators spending 20 to 30 years before they can apply for parole.

Jennifer Poole’s murder Gavin Murphy can begin to apply for parole in 9 years time - a day Jennifer’s brother Jason is dreading:

"We have to constantly prepare ourselves now."

"The trial is over but we're preparing ourselves now for the phone call that tells us he's put in for parole."

"Then the process starts again."

Helen McEntee is also looking at introducing more community service options, for offenders who do not pose a serious harm.

"Where a person is not a risk to society, when perhaps they haven't paid their TV licence or whatever has happened, that other options are taken first - that obviously prison is a last resort."

The reforms will be included in upcoming legislation that will go before cabinet in January.

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