Mortgage Rules Could Be Loosen...


Mortgage Rules Could Be Loosened As Part Of Review


09:08 17 Dec 2021

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Homebuyers earning less than €60,000 could be offered a "step break" from strict mortgage lending rules.

The Central Bank is currently reviewing the measures, with a public consultation underway.

An online survey was carried out in recent months with 4,107 responses, 99 per cent were from the general public. Over 50 per cent of participants were located in Dublin, with 74 per cent of all respondents located in Leinster.

One suggestion is to increase the income limit for those earning under €60,000 from 3.5-times their salary to 4.5 times their income.

But Brendan Burgess, founder of Ask about, says it will only push up house prices;

"Giving them more money, you know giving them bigger loans does not solve the problem, it actually makes it worse" he said.

"If everybody is given say four and a half times their salary well then the effect of that will be that house prices will just rise so they will be no better off and could well be worse off."

The Irish Times reports another consideration is varying by location or property type, income or value-to-loan rates, addressing affordability issues in urban areas.

The public consultation runs until Wednesday 16th March 2022.

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