Majority Of Dubs In Favour Of...


Majority Of Dubs In Favour Of Low-Emission Zone Charges


07:11 2 Dec 2021

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Three-quarters of people support the introduction of low-emission zones in Dublin.

The measure would restrict the most polluting vehicles from coming into specific areas through charges.

An air quality plan for the Dublin region is currently being put together by the four local authorities.

It was ordered by the EU after nitrogen dioxide levels exceeded annual legal limits at St John’s Road West beside Heuston station.

As part of a public consultation on the plan, 75 per cent of respondents supported the introduction of low-emission zones that would limit access for the most polluting cars and trucks through charges.

While 80 per cent of the 208 respondents were in favour of strengthening local authority and Environmental Protection Agency powers in relation to dealing with air pollution, according to the Irish Times.

The final plan is due to go to the EPA later this month.

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