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Fota Wildlife Park Welcomes New Species To Ireland


03:20 11 Apr 2019

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Ireland has become home to a new species today thanks to Fota Wildlife Park.

The park has welcomed two Mandrillus leucophaeus, which are better known as Drill monkeys.

A species closely related to Mandrills and Baboons and came from Stuttgart Zoo in Germany.

Julian is a 22 year-old male and Buddy is a 28 year-old female.

Both are said to be settling in very well to their new purpose built home.

Teresa Power, Lead Ranger, said:

"This is the first time we have kept this species here at Fota, indeed it’s a first for any zoo in Ireland and the captive population worldwide currently stands at only 76 individuals. We’re hoping to highlight the important work by wildlife parks and zoos in preventing this unique primate from becoming extinct.”

She also told how they are working to ensure the animals adapt well to their new environment.

"We are refurbishing their island where they will have outdoor access to one of the largest Islands in Fota with trees and climbing platforms. As Buddy was hand reared, she carries her teddy bear with her for comfort. Our Rangers are working to develop a special bond with her to make her feel at home."

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