DSPCA Say It's Reaching 'Crisi...


DSPCA Say It's Reaching 'Crisis Levels' With Unwanted Pets

Jonathan Byrne
Jonathan Byrne

05:13 13 Mar 2023

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The DSPCA says demand for their services is approaching crisis levels.

It's experiencing a surge in unwanted, unclaimed and surrendered animals.

There are 848 applications on a waiting list of those who want to surrender their pets.

The organisation wants pet owners to re-consider, if they are thinking of giving up their animals.

Gillian Bird from the DSPCA says they are not in a position to accept more abandoned pets:

"We have so many animals here in the shelter that have come in because they are sick, they're injured, they haven't been claimed back by their owners or cases of cruelty."

"We look after the lost, sick, injured and then the cruelly treated animals that come into the shelter here. That in addition to all the applications we have for people looking for us to take in their pets that they're looking to surrender."

"We're getting to a stage where we're fairly near a crisis level."

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