Enoch Burke Returns To Mountjo...


Enoch Burke Returns To Mountjoy Prison

Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly

05:19 3 Oct 2023

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A review of Enoch Burke's detention has resulted in him being taken back to Mountjoy Prison after he refused to purge his contempt.

He was jailed last month for failing to obey a court order refraining him from trespassing at Wilson's Hospital School in Co. Westmeath.

Despite being suspended from his former school pending the outcome of a disciplinary process for alleged misconduct, Enoch Burke continued to show up for work every day, resulting in the school securing an injunction to keep him away.

Enoch defied that court order and ended up spending over one hundred days in prison last year.

And that’s precisely where he’s ended up again for the very same reason.

He has been dismissed since his last stint behind bars, but continued to defy the court order refraining him from trespassing at the school.

He was given an opportunity to leave prison today by purging his contempt, but declined, claiming he was in jail because of his religious beliefs.

During the hearing, seven gardai were called to the courtroom to remove Enoch’s parents, and his sister, Ammi, for repeatedly interrupting the judge.

His case will be reviewed again in December.

Reporting by Frank Greaney

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