Coronavirus: 3,793 New Cases W...


Coronavirus: 3,793 New Cases With 55 Deaths Notified In Past Week

Michael Staines
Michael Staines

05:45 1 Dec 2021

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Health officials have announced a further 3,793 COVID cases this evening.

This morning, there were 578 COVID-119 patients in Irish hospitals – down one on yesterday and 5% on this day last week.

There were 117 in intensive car, which is down five on yesterday and 11% on last week.

A total of 55 new deaths have been notified in the past week - taking the national death toll to 5,707.

The Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said the detection of an Omicron variant cases in Ireland should not change how people respond to the virus.

“The best mitigation we have against transmission of this virus, regardless of the variant, are the public health measures that we are so familiar with and more importantly, that we know will work,” he said.

“For at least the next two weeks, if we can all make a concerted effort to reduce our contacts, then I am hopeful that we can make a real difference to incidence of disease in Ireland.

“There is no group who should feel the public health advice does not apply to them. It is only if we act together that we can keep ourselves, our loved ones and health and social care facilities safe.”

He said people should consider their choices and “make the right ones” in the run-up to Christmas.

“Do not go into work tomorrow if you can work from home,” he said. “If you are an employer, facilitate remote working for your employees.

“It is vital that if you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, you isolate immediately and arrange a PCR test – not an antigen test. Do not go to work, school, college or socialise if you are symptomatic. “

He said anyone going out to socialise should follow basic public health guidelines and be careful about who they meet in the days after.

“Especially consider anyone you meet who may be immunocompromised or vulnerable to COVID-19,” he said.

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