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Commuter Group Says Adding Traffic To Pedestrian Zones For "Surveillance" Makes No Sense

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

02:28 11 Dec 2023

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A Dublin Commuter group has warned the City Council against a "lazy" response to last month's riot.

It comes after reports the local authority is considering allowing traffic into pedestrianised zones to maintain "passive surveillance."

This is reportedly in response to last month's riots.

Concerns about potential abuse of those areas have been referred to the City Council's Head of Traffic recently.

Feljin Jose, Chairperson of the Dublin Commuter Coalition, says it just doesn't make sense:

"It's a very very lazy response to the riots," he said.

Feljin says the riots happened in the later part of the afternoon, and not in the late evening.

"It just makes no sense."

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