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'South William Street Pedestrianisation A No-Brainer' After Lower Liffey Street

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South William Street is next according to a Councillor, after plans to pedestrianise Lower Liffey Steet got the go-ahead.

A group of activists from the 'Streets Are for People' movement blocked off South William Street in July declaring it a 'clean air zone', and as a result, there were no reports of heavier traffic caused by the disruption.

Yesterday, Dublin City Council voted to ban cars from the 100-metre section running from the quays to the junction of Great Strand Street. It is estimated that 32,000 pedestrians use the street every day compared with 1,000 cars.

Green Party Councillor Neasa Hourigan is supporting further traffic-free streets - including on the southside, she said, "South William Street is like Liffey Street. There's a very simple re-route for cars that wouldn't put anyone particularly out of their way. It's a no-brainer in terms of providing pedestrian space to the city because there are far more pedestrians on that street than there are cars. The footpaths are historic footpaths, but they're too narrow for a buggy or people with disabilities."

Councillors, however, have not given up hope of pedestrianising College Green. The idea was first proposed in 2016 and sought to ban all traffic in College Green, before being rejected by An Bord Pleanála last year over traffic concerns.

A number of traffic-free trial days held this summer were met with some criticism.

But Dublin Councillor Neasa Hourigan says College Green can’t function as is, she said "the Council is going to take another run at it because we feel at the moment, it's just not workable. One way or the other, College Green is going to have to change. I think the Council recognises and that process has started again to decide what's the best way to do it."

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