Budget 2022: What We Know So F...


Budget 2022: What We Know So Far

Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly

01:41 11 Oct 2021

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The finishing touches are being put on Budget 2022 ahead of its announcement tomorrow.

Details of an increased and expanded fuel allowance payment are being decided.

As the country moves out of the pandemic this will be a budget that aims to tackle the rising cost of living.

There will be a €5 a week increase for the state pension and core social welfare rates, at a cost of €350m.

A big focus is also being put on childcare, with a €100m pot aimed at freezing the costs for parents.

A deal to recruit an additional 1,000 SNAs has been sought by the Department of Education

Tax bands are set to be indexed to raise the point at which people start paying higher tax.

The price of a pack of cigarettes will rise by 50c, while alcohol is being left untouched this year.

It’s also expected tomorrow the first rise in the student grant in more than a decade will be confirmed.

Reporting by Sean Defoe

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