Attack On Dublin Migrant Camp...


Attack On Dublin Migrant Camp "Has The Look And Feel Of A Racist Attack"

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

11:44 30 Jan 2023

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The Taoiseach says an incident at a migrant camp in Ashtown has the hallmarks of a racist attack.

A number of men with sticks and dogs turned up at a makeshift camp of around 15 tents.

Some of the men staying there were allegedly assaulted.

The Taoiseach says Gardaí will fully investigate:

Leo Varadkar described the incident as "very disturbing."

He continued, "I don't have a report from the Gardaí yet but I'm going to seek one."

"I'm always reluctant to comment on something when I dont have the full facts, but it has the feel and look of, essentially, a racist attack."

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