At Least 17 HSE Consultants Ha...


At Least 17 HSE Consultants Handed Over €250,000 In Retirement Payments

Eoghan Murphy
Eoghan Murphy

09:39 28 Dec 2020

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At least 17 HSE consultants have been paid retirement lump sums of over €250,000 this year.

According to details released under the Freedom of Information Act, 10 got over €300,000.

HSE staff were paid a total of over €71m in retirement lump sums in the first nine months of this year.

Some 131 got at least €100,000 each.

The 17 who received over €250,000 are all consultants, including obstetricians, psychiatrists and paediatricians.

The largest amount was €374,000, which was given to a general physician.

In 2019, the HSE paid out retirement lump sums that came to over €107m in total.

19 consultants and a general manager got over €200,000.

The highest was over €397,000 to a consultant psychiatrist.

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