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Advice For Mask Wearing In Schools Has Been Updated

Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly

12:40 6 Dec 2021

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Children who go to school without a mask will not be sent home.

The Department of Education has issued new guidelines following the implementation of new rules around mask-wearing for third class and up last week.

The updated guidance says "it is not intended that any child will be excluded from a school in the first instance".

It says children shouldn't be left out of class without principals trying to talk 'sensitively' to parents who object to their child wearing a mask.

Last week, it said children in third class and above should be sent home for not having a medical reason for not wearing a mask.

Guidance has also been issued relating to mixed classes. If 2nd and 3rd class students are sharing a classroom, just the 3rd class students need to wear masks.

Separately free antigen tests have been announced under a new 9 million euro scheme for third level students.

Colleges will be able to apply for funding to purchase tests to be distributed on campus.

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