Louis Walsh Claims He Had A Se...


Louis Walsh Claims He Had A Secret Role In U2’s Success


10:46 21 Mar 2024

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What more do we have Louis to thank for 😂

As Celebrity Big Brother continues, so does Louis Walsh’s mission to name-drop as many people as possible.

In addition to his story about Colin Farrell auditioning to be a member of Boyzone, in last night’s episode the 71-year-old revealed that he actually had a role in the success of U2.

In a conversation with fellow housemate Colson Smith, Louis recalled a time he was eating in Captain America's on Grafton St (Captain America's getting a major shout-out last night, he added that he used to go there once a week!) and overheard the band discussing plans to leave their manager.

“They were chatting away about changing their manager, out loud and of course I was listening. And I knew Paul McGuinness, he’s probably one of the best managers in the world," the former boyband manager said.

“Eventually I went over and I said 'Guys, I heard your conversation, I know Paul McGuinness he’s probably the best manager in the world'" he added.

Louis recalls the advice he gave the band as they were just starting out in their career.

“[I said] because he believes in you guys and that’s the most important thing a manager can do, he believes in the brand new act … and they listened.”

And lest anyone doubt Louis' story, he told them to look it up - it's on page 95 of Bono's book!

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