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Louis Walsh Reveals What Famous Hollywood Actor Auditioned For Boyzone


09:48 21 Mar 2024

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What could have been 😅

Celebrity Big Brother was on again last night, which means there are new developments from Louis Walsh’s name-dropping spree.

This time it’s Colin Farrell, and how he missed out on being in Boyzone!

Louis Walsh was sitting in the kitchen with fellow housemates Colson Smith and Fern Britton when he started telling the story unprompted.

“I know [Colin] very well as he auditioned for Boyzone and he told me he wanted to be an actor. I knew him from Dublin,” the former boyband manager told the housemates.

He then went on to rinse Colin for his lack of musical talent.

“I told him, "You can’t sing, I can’t give you the gig" because I knew him very well,” he said.

Doesn't mince his words does he?

Louis went on to recall how Colin told him he wanted to pursue acting to which Louis advised: “You’re wasting your f***ing time.”

Good thing Colin didn’t listen to him on that front 😂

The Celebrity Big Brother final is happening Friday night with Louis Walsh as one of the frontrunners to win. Will you be watching?

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