Richard Curtis Has Written A M...


Richard Curtis Has Written A Mini Sequel To Notting Hill


10:34 20 Oct 2023

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You say it best... 🎵

Notting Hill has a sequel! A mini sequel that is.

24 years after the original film, the classic romcom starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts is getting a follow-up, but it won't be a full-length feature film.

Speaking on a podcast called Have You Seen?, the film's director Richard Curtis said that he's had a 10-minute sequel to the film written for years.

“I was going to do it for Comic Relief,” he said. “I wrote Notting Hill 2, which was going to be a 10-minute special set in the divorce lawyer’s office with Hugh and Julia splitting up, and then they both realised they loved each other again.”

Way to give away the whole plot Richard 😂

He says he's had it written for years, now it's a case of just getting the right people to sign up we guess!

The original film follows the story of William Thacker (Hugh Grant), a simple guy who works in a travel bookstore. His world is turned upside when he coincidentally runs into Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), one of the most famous actresses in the world, and they fall in love.

Go on then, any excuse for a rewatch!

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