Wordle: New York Times Buys Vi...


Wordle: New York Times Buys Viral Game In Seven-Figure Deal


11:10 1 Feb 2022

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The New York Times has purchased online word game Wordle for a seven-figure sum.

Created by a Reddit engineer and launched in October last year, Wordle gives players six guesses to determine a five-letter word that changes every day.

The daily puzzle has found enormous success since its launch, amassing hundreds of thousands, then millions, of players.

In a statement, creator Josh Wardle, who created the game for his partner who loves puzzles, said he was “thrilled” that the New York Times “will be the stewards of the game moving forward”.

“This step feels very natural to me,” he wrote.

Wardle assured fans that the game would remain free to play, and was working with the Times “to make sure your wins and streaks will be preserved”.

The New York Times’ crossword editor, Will Shortz, praised Wordle as a “a great puzzle”.

“It doesn’t take long to play, which makes it perfect for our age when people have short attention spans," he added.

Jonathan Knight, general manager for the New York Times Games, told a Times reporter: “The game has done what so few games have done – it has captured our collective imagination and brought us all a little closer together.”

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