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Top Tips for Stunning Wedding Photography


01:07 12 Sep 2017

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98FM have teamed up with The Wedding Journal Show to bring you a handy guide to getting the best wedding photographs imaginable.

Book a good photographer

You can’t expect great wedding photos unless you book a great wedding photographer. There are hundreds of professional photographers in Ireland, all wanting to shoot your wedding, but the quality of their work will vary hugely as will the cost. Think about the style of photography you want, research different photographer’s portfolios online and once you’ve a short list of two or three, arrange to meet them in person as it’s important you like them as much as you do their pictures. Many photographers at the Wedding Journal Show will be offering discounts to couples who make a booking on the day which means you could secure your dream photographer at an affordable price.

Check the weather forecast

Even the most gifted wedding photographer can’t control the weather. In the days before your wedding, keep an eye on the weather forecast and if it looks like rain, then call your photographer and discuss your options. There’s no point burying your head in the sand, rain calls for a rainy day plan. That could be as simple as buying some umbrellas, but it may be that you will need to think of a new location to replace those beach shots you had planned.

Have a pre-wedding shoot

There’s no better way to get used to the camera than to put yourself in front of it. Many wedding photographers now offer an engagement or pre-wedding shoot as part of their wedding package. Signing up for one of these will give you and your partner a chance to get to know your photographer and experience what it’s like to be in front of the lens. Top tip – speak to photographers at the Wedding Journal Show and ask whether they include an engagement shoot as part of their packages.

Think about light

Depending on the time of year you get married, light, or shortage of it, will impact your schedule for the day. If yours is a winter wedding, when the sun has set by mid-afternoon, you’ll need to plan an early morning ceremony if you are going to give your photographer time to get a series of wedding pictures taken before dusk. Believe it or not, hot sunny days can also pose as a problem for photographers as too much light can be very difficult to shoot.

Be creative

Stiff, formal wedding photographs run the danger of being very boring. Photographers are creative souls by nature and work best when they are given a creative license to take the shot when they think fit. By all means give them a list of pictures that you want taken, but trust their judgment and allow them some freedom – the results will be worth it.

Book a make-up artist

Yes we know you can do your own make-up, but do you know the tricks of the trade that will make you look supermodel fab in front of the camera? From priming the skin, to camouflaging imperfections and sculpting the cheekbones, a professional make-up artist will make you look like you, only better. You will be also be able to find plenty of renowned make- up artists at the Wedding Journal Show!

Remember the details

So much, time, thought and effort goes into the little details of your wedding day – from the DIY stationery, to the hand drawn signage and homemade favours – it would be such a shame not to have them captured on camera. Haven’t decided on all the little details yet? Don’t worry! The Curious Wedding Zone at the show will have everything you need to make your big day stand out.

Smile more

Many brides spend the whole time at their ceremony with a serious expression. You want beautiful photos, don’t you? It’s as simple as smiling more! Let go of all the stress and planning and smile while you’re walking down the aisle. Relax, enjoy the day and really try to enjoy each moment. Oh! It’s good if your husband is all smiles also, right?

For more photography inspiration and to meet with some of Ireland’s top wedding photographers visit the Wedding Journal Show Dublin Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September at Citywest Complex Dublin.

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