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Tips for Getting Married Overseas

Pat Gill
Pat Gill

02:45 24 Aug 2021

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With guest numbers reduced and uncertainty with booking venues, the pandemic has changed how we approach weddings in Ireland. For some couples, arranging a smaller wedding can be the dream. It means more control over who is attending and where the big day takes place.

Irish wedding expert, Sue Egan, specialises in arranging overseas weddings and says the attraction of sunshine plays a big part in deciding to leave Ireland for your big day. Speaking to 98FM's Saturday Social, Sue says an overseas wedding turns into a holiday for guests and creates a fun atmosphere. Sue also says couples traveling to a destination like Spain means more 'bang for their buck' with couples getting much more for less.

Depending on where you decide to travel, it's worth doing your research into the location. If possible, it is recommended to visit your destination before committing and its worth using a wedding planner, especially in places where there may be a language barrier. As with any legal ceremony, there will be a lot of paperwork involved - so keep this in mind for any translations you many need! The Department Of Foreign Affairs has a handy webpage with tips to follow.

26 June 2020, Lower Saxony, Langenhagen: A bridal couple cuts a cake at the wedding ceremony. Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa


Allow plenty of time to plan your big day - depending on the country, the marriage paperwork can take months to finalise. As a starting point, you'll need the following documents:

  • Your passports - make sure there will be date for travel
  • A full birth certificate with both parents’ names
  • If divorced, the original final divorce papers
  • If widowed, the death certificate of former spouse
  • If marrying in a non-English speaking country then remember the documents may need to be translated by an official translator and stamped.
  • Certificate of Freedom To Marry - this can be obtained from the department of foreign affairs

It's advisable to book with a reputable travel company and there are many operators in Dublin who can help - Trailfinders and Sunway both offer help with organising overseas weddings.

Listen to Rachel Ryan's interview with Sue on getting married abroad.



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