Parents Share Creepy Video Of...


Parents Share Creepy Video Of Toddler Being 'Pulled Under The Bed' By Something


11:19 24 Feb 2021

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Do you believe in ghosts?

A father in America has shared an extremely disturbing video this week showing his daughter being 'pulled under' her bed.

TikTok 'ghost'

Josh Dean took to TikTok with the creepy clip two days ago.

In the black and white footage we can make out baby Emma playing on her bed.

She then climbs down to the floor and appears to be pulled slowly under the bed while crying "mommy".

The video has since been viewed almost 10 million times with over 35,000 comments.

'There's no way she was scared and crying mommy and just willingly kept crawling under there,' one commenter wrote.

While others claim there's a logical explanation.

Shocking TikTok video shows toddler 'being pulled under her bed' while  screaming 'mummy' as dad thinks it was a GHOST

Josh has been sharing updates with his 44,000 followers since posting the first video.

Yesterday he thanked people for their views and revealed, "last night Emma stayed in the bed with us all night. She slept wonderfully, didn't have any issues."

Josh continued, "One thing I haven't done yet is gone back and checked the camera in her room. Although I highly doubt there is going to be any activity because she wasn't in there... I think eliminating her out of the room is going to slow down the activity a little bit.

"We will keep in touch. We're going to keep a close eye on her to make sure she's alright."

Shocking TikTok Video Shows Toddler 'being Pulled Under Her Bed' While Screaming 'mummy' As Dad Thinks

What do you think happened?

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