A 'Miracle' Puppy Has Been Bor...


A 'Miracle' Puppy Has Been Born With Six Legs & Two Tails


03:54 23 Feb 2021

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Meet Skipper

A puppy has been born in the States with six legs and two tails.

Skipper arrived six days ago at the Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City.

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Despite a number of unusual medical conditions, the tiny female dog is pushing through.

All the sings are looking good and the Australian border collie cross has been gaining weight at a healthy rate all week!

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Doctors are the Neel Veterinary Hospital can only guess as to why Skipper has developed extra limbs.

It's looking likely that she didn't separate correctly from another foetus in the womb.

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We don't know if Skipper will need mobility aids or physical therapy in the future, but for now all of her six legs are working how they should be!

And while Skipper has been rejected by her mother, she is responding well to bottle feedings.

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Her owner's have set up a Go Fund Me page for the puppy's medical needs.

And you can follow Skipper's journey via Facebook here.

Good luck little one!

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Photos via Skipper's Journey on Facebook.

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