Rod Stewart Rings In To Sky Ne...


Rod Stewart Rings In To Sky News Offering To Pay for Hospital Scans

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:54 27 Jan 2023

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And he didn't hold back about the UK Government!

Rod Stewart called in to a live phone-in segment during Sky News yesterday to offer to pay for people's hospital scans, amidst an NHS crisis.

The singer made a very generous offer to pay for "10-20 scans" after going in for one himself and being disgusted at how quiet the clinic was, despite the news that people in the UK are struggling to get scans.

He called the situation "ridiculous" and went on to call for a change in government. The 78-year-old singer is a Tory voter but said it's time to give a Labour government a go because the situation is heartbreaking for nurses.

"It's just terribly sad. I'm so proud to be British and I can't stand it being this way."

Hopefully a lot of lives will be saved from his generous offer!

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