Pierce Brosnan Named 'Sexiest...


Pierce Brosnan Named 'Sexiest Grandpa Alive' By People Magazine


11:21 9 Nov 2023

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He's still got it!

This week, People revealed that actor Patrick Dempsey won the coveted title of 'Sexiest Man Of The Year' for 2023.

But that wasn't the only award they gave out. They had a variety of sexy people they want to honour, including our own Pierce Brosnan for being the 'Sexiest Grandpa Alive'!

The Navan native won the main title 'Sexiest Man Alive' back in 2001 in the prime of his Bond days, and now he's beat out other eligible grandfathers like Kurt Russell  and Michael Douglas to become the 'Sexiest Grandpa'. 

The 70-year-old revealed that he became a grandfather in 2015, telling the Herald at the time that he doesn’t want to waste his time as a granda.

‘I’m a proud grandfather now,’ he said. ‘There’s still a lot of life in the old man, and I’ll keep going till I can go no more. Life is so precious.’

‘It can be snatched away without any prior warning, so why waste it? That’s why I enjoy my wonderful, beautiful family, my children and my grandchildren,’ he added.

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