Jason Derulo Ends Up In ER Aft...


Jason Derulo Ends Up In ER After 'Embarrassing' Reaction To Fitness Ring


12:44 25 Aug 2023

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He should have stuck to the Fitbit 😂

Jason Derulo landed himself in A&E recently thanks to a new fitness gadget! He was wearing an Oura ring, a fitness device, but he had a bad reaction to it and had to go to hospital to get it removed after it swelled up.

The singer shared the ordeal in a video on his Instagram.


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The video takes us through the whole journey of what happened.

It starts with him lying in bed and he holds up his swollen right hand that had been resting in a champagne bucket of ice. Also in the video is an unnamed friend who seems to find the whole situation very funny, laughing away as Jason Derulo tells the story.

“Woke up, finger was swollen, it’s turning colors."

“I was like, damn. Trying to figure out how to take this damn ring off,” he explained. “It just got swollen overnight. I tried to take it off with oil.”

“When I iced it, it came down a little bit.” he explained further, "When I went to the gym my finger swelled up even more so.”

In the end he had no choice but to take it to the professionals and he had to be literally cut free from the ring in the hospital.

It didn't sounds like a painless experience either! He's exlaiming "ow ow ow" as the doctors are filmed using a metal clamp to remove the ring.

But shortly afterwards, it’s finally off — leaving a deep impression in the singer’s sore, purple finger.

We're glad he's ok anyway! At least he's able to laugh at the whole thing 😂

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