Hugh Jackman Reunites With His...


Hugh Jackman Reunites With His Mother

Pat Gill
Pat Gill

02:03 24 Aug 2021

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Hugh Jackman has posted a loving photo on Instagram with his mother, Grace McNeil.

The Australian actor has been open about his difficult past with his mother after she abandoned him when he was just eight. In the post, Hugh simply captioned the photo with "Mum.".

Hugh, who is starring in new movie Reminiscence, has previously spoken about how his mum left her family behind in Sydney when she suddenly moved to the UK. In a TV interview with 60 Minutes in 2012, Hugh explained how he went to school one day and when he came back she was gone. "The next day there was a telegram from England. Mum was there. And then that was it."

Fans have been supportive of his work rebuilding his relationship with one comment describing how Grace must be 'a proud mum'.


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