Here's The Reason The Cast Of...


Here's The Reason The Cast Of Friends Didn't Pay Tribute To Matthew Perry At The Emmys


11:49 19 Jan 2024

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The Emmy Awards took place in Los Angeles earlier this week to honour the very best in television at the moment.

And like any award show, it featured an In Memoriam segment to honour those in the industry who passed away last year.

For this year's ceremony, an emotional cover of the the Friends theme song 'I'll Be There For You' was sung by Charlie Puth while the montage played, honouring the untimely death of Matthew Perry.

During its 10-year run, Friends had been nominated for 62 Emmys and won 6.
So while the show was airing, the cast would have been regular fixtures at the award ceremony.

For this reason, many people thought this would be the moment that the Friends cast might have reunited to pay tribute their co-star Matthew Perry.

But this didn't happen and for a very good reason.

Executive producers of the Emmys told The Hollywood Reporter: "It’s still very fresh for them."

They admitted that while the idea was discussed "early on", they wanted to "respect that they were their own family".

"We had talked about it early on — but I can imagine, from their side, they’re mourning someone who was still very close to them." executive producer Jesse Collins said.

"I can’t speak for them, but we all have to respect that they were their own family. It was probably just a little too soon." he added.

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