Dolly Parton Is Backing Kerry'...


Dolly Parton Is Backing Kerry's Attempt To Break A World (Dolly) Record

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

12:21 26 May 2023

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Stories like is why we love Ireland 😂

The town of Listowel in County Kerry is hosting 'DollyDay' on the 24th of June. On that day they will be attempting to break the world record for the most amount of people dressed up as Dolly Parton in a single place.

The record-breaking attempt comes 11 years after the town broke the World Record for the most people dressed as nuns in one place.

They "smashed" the world record back in 2012, and the organisers this year are confident they can do it again for DollyDay.

“We are hopeful that we'll have about the same.” said DollyDay chair Cora O'Brien.

The event is being held in aid of Kerry Hospice and Comfort for Chemo Kerry initiative, and promises to be a great day for the town.

"The minute you put the wig on and boobs on you transform people straight away and they get into that ‘fun mode’.” says Liz Horgan, a spokesperson for the DollyDay committee.

There are strict rules for the record-breaking attempt as well! All participants must be “instantly recognisable as Dolly Parton” or they cannot take part.

DollyDay Facebook


Even though Dolly herself is very busy and still actively performing as a singer, the people behind DollyDay are hopeful she'll find time to drop by at the event.

And Cora O'Brien has confirmed they've successfully made contact with the woman herself!

"We got the letter to Dolly and the reply back was that she was looking into our schedule, so we were really holding our breaths for a while there."

While she may not find time in her schedule to drop by Listowel, she's given the event her full backing, offering up a huge prize to be auctioned off on the day.

She's offering up an incredible 2-night stay on her tour bus to one lucky winner!

DollyDay takes place on June 24th at 6.30 in the Emmett GAA pitch and tickets are €27.79

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