Andrew Scott Left Awkward And...


Andrew Scott Left Awkward And Uncomfortable After BBC Presenter Questions Him About Barry Keoghan's Naked Saltburn Dance


11:10 19 Feb 2024

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There was no need for this...

A BBC presenter is coming under fire as an awkward interview with Andrew Scott on the red carpet at the BAFTAs is doing the rounds.

The Dublin actor looks visibly uncomfortable as the reporter repeatedly probes him for his thoughts on *that* final scene in Saltburn.

“Do you know Barry well?” the reporter asked, before then enquiring about what he thought of the “naked dance scene at the end of Saltburn”.

Trying to avoid the awkward question, Andrew suggested he didn’t want to “spoil it for anybody” but the reporter kept going.

“There is a lot of talk about prosthetics, how well do you know him?” the reporter asked, and that's where Andrew had to bow out politely, giving a little wave and walking away.

Good for him walking away when there was no let up from that reporter!

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