Dead Air: Play 98FM's Murder M...


Dead Air: Play 98FM's Murder Mystery Game


10:47 23 Oct 2023

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Halloween is here, and all week on 98FM, we're playing a Murder Mystery game…



9 Days, 8 Suspects, 1 Murder.

On the 31st of October, one of the 98FM presenters is going to be murdered right under everyone's noses.

But who did it? Everyone's a suspect.

Was it Rebecca Shekleton? Brian Dowling? Barry Dunne?

Someone's acting suspicious and we're relying on you the listener to pick up on any clues. Stay tuned to 98FM all this week where we'll be dropping clues that will give you the intel on who the murderous presenter is.

Who is acting strange? Who has a motive? Who is the killer? And most importantly... will you catch them?

Download and print out the clue sheet below to keep track of the clues and help us catch the killer!

Dead Air on 98FM [Clue Tracker]

Play along... if you dare. 🔪


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