10:58 15 Sep 2013

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Skyward Rifles Prince Of Spoons

The Pale Measure Of Life (LIVE)

The Pale Butterfly (LIVE)

Shit Robot We Got A Love

Bell X1 Careful What You Wish For

Le Galaxie Love System

Billy Boy Miskimmin Love Song (LIVE)

Billy Boy Miskimmin I AinÂ’t Gonna Take It No More (LIVE)

Hudson Taylor Care


Ash Burn Baby Burn

Bill Coleman I Want You To Know

Cat Dowling Somebody Else

Lisa Hannigan WhatÂ’ll I Do

Katie Kim The Feast

Go Panda Go Decoded

R Changes

Tara Stars

Strange Boats Sugar Delph

U2 Stay (Faraway, So Close)

Hidden Highways Do I Want

Leanne Harte Restless Sleepers

Glen Hansard The Gift

Eulogys Inner Joy, Open Madness

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