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Former professional rugby player Andy Dunne joined Wednesday Night Rugby to discuss Jamie Osborne.

Jamie Osborne is the latest in a long line of Leinster youngsters to burst onto the scene.

Sometimes they live up to expectations, Caelan Doris and Hugo Keenan for example. Sometimes they show why they were so highly regarded but then fall off, Jordan Larmour. Josh van der Flier is in a class of his own as he slowly built his way to World Rugby Player of the Year, whereas others such as Jack Conan have had decent outings in an Ireland shirt.

Leinster players aren't sure things. But they're coming through as fully formed professional rugby players and bursting onto the scene like they belong. They're reminiscent of All Blacks at club level with how dominant they can be.

If you come through that youth system that is so competitive and then attract the interest of the Ireland coaching staff, you definitely have something about you.

The most recent addition to the list is Jamie Osborne.

After his sparkling start against Gloucester, the question was asked of Andy Dunne if he could be in the Six Nations squad that is announced tomorrow.

"It's exactly the type of selection I think [the Ireland coaching staff] would make," Dunne said.

"A couple of reasons are Farrell played international rugby in the centre and he's not dissimilar physically to Osborne. Mike Catt played with Will Greenwood a lot. I actually texted Will on Saturday after that game and asked him had he an affair with some Irish woman 20 years ago. He's remarkedly like Will in terms of how he runs."

The towering centre scored one try of his own and was responsible for setting up his teammates on different occasions. His running lines and stepping ability from the inside centre position were a constant thorn in the side of the Gloucester backline.

But it's not just the flair plays, it's also the overall contribution of Osborne that Dunne loves.

"It's his capacity to be versatile in the game...[he's got a left-footed kicking game], he's got a passing game, a very, very clean and crisp passing game. And a varied passing game, a wide passing game. He can pass early, he can pass late going to the line to put someone in the gap.

"He's obviously a threat himself.

"When you're looking at the make-up of the squad it won't be a huge surprise. Isn't timing so important? And luck. He puts in a performance like that a week before selection. Everything about it said he'd be comfortable at international level for me."

England are less intimidating without Billy Vunipola - Monday Night Rugby.


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