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Just one doping violation in 2018

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Sport Ireland recorded just one anti-doping violation in 2018.

In their annual anti-doping review released today, Sport Ireland say 1,112 tests were carried out last year, with 889 of those coming out of competition. The figures mark a 12% increase in the number of samples collected in 2017.

The one adverse finding belonged to boxer Evan Metcalfe, who was stripped of his Irish bantamweight title after testing positive for cannabis by-product, carboxy-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Cycling is the most tested sport, with 179 tests carried out last year. Just one behind on that table is rugby, with 178 tests. Next comes athletics with 164, with GAA fourth on the list. However, GAA provided the most 'in-competition' samples, with 40 in total.

The number of approvals for therapeutic use exemptions dropped year-on year from 27 to 24, but rugby still heads that table with six TUE application approvals last year.

In total, 58 TUE applications were made in 2018.

Painkillers and antihistamines were the most searched-for medicines last year.

The issue of missed tests is on the increase, with 17 whereabouts failures in 2018, up from 12 the previous year.

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