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Derek McGrath on Davy Fitzgerald | "I think he's a brilliant hurling mind"


02:54 4 May 2019

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Former Waterford manager Derek McGrath spoke about his admiration for current Wexford boss Davey Fitzgerald.

The De La Salle man says the Davey Fitz is an under appreciated manager in terms of his general knowledge of the game. He says Fitzgerald's managerial skills in certain areas are overlooked.

McGrath joined Nathan Murphy on 'The Saturday Panel' to discuss he career as manager of the Waterford hurling team.

"I actually think he's a brilliant hurling mind. He has the capacity to go in to a county, play a certain way, have a strategy - and yet we overlook the whole motivational side of his ability.

Derek McGrath says his motivational qualities are a crucial asset to his repertoire of managerial skills, he also thinks the former Waterford manager's sustainability is the easy facet to heap praise upon.

"In terms of motivating a team, in terms of getting a team on side. I think the easy thing is to think is top talk about the sustainability of what Davey is doing,' McGrath explained to OTB.

The Waterford man believes 'Fitz' approach to coaching a side depends on what the Clare man has at his disposal. He says Fitzgerald has a unique versatility with his coaching abilities.

"If Davey was presented with a different job or a different job spec, he might go about it totally different way than a straight-up fifteen.

School teacher McGrath  pointed out Fitzgerald's "hurling mind" and spoke of his passionate and animated approach to the game, something he very much admires about the former goalkeeper.

"I think he's a brilliant hurling mind, at times he is animated but very passionate about the whole game.

He says the pair aren't particularly good friends but they believes they share a healthy respect for their respective managerial style and skills.

"We have a good, not friendship but we certainly have a healthy respect for how we got about things."

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