Here's What Marvin Had To Say...


Here's What Marvin Had To Say After Being Dumped From Love Island

Rebecca Shekleton
Rebecca Shekleton

09:18 12 Jul 2019

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There was a dramatic recoupling on last night's episode of Love Island. The girls were given the power to choose which boy they wanted to couple up with. Marvin was left single and dumped from the island.

The semi-professional footballer has given his first interview since leaving the show and he reckons Francesca is more Curtis' type than Maura...

How would you sum up your time in Love Island?

It was definitely a lot longer than I expected! In terms of finding someone romantically, I found it difficult but in terms of friendship, I had a brilliant time! It was unbelievable.

What would you say were your highlights?

My highlight was when Craig David came into the villa. And the challenges.

What was the most challenging aspect of being in the villa?

The most challenging aspect was trying to get to know the girls on a deeper level. I wanted to pick people on personality and not just on looks.

Maura brought you back from Casa Amor, why do you think the romance fizzled out in the Villa?

I have no idea why it fizzled out! We just went our separate ways and I think that may have been because of the problems Amy and Curtis were having, who she had her eye on. She gave me the opportunity to come into the Villa and in this Recoupling, she gave someone else an opportunity by coupling up with them.

Which couple do you think will go the distance and win?

I think Tommy and Molly-Mae are the obvious choice. They are acting like a couple who’ve been together for years. They’re so comfortable with each other. It’s really nice to see. I’m starting to see Michael and Joanna getting really close and they’re starting to show those signs. Those couples are the strongest for me.

Do you think Curtis will stay true to Francesca now they’re coupled-up? Or could romance still blossom between Maura and Curtis?

I feel Francesca is more Curtis’ type and I think their romance will blossom. But it won’t happen easily because Maura will definitely have her say in the matter.

Given the chance, would you go back into the villa?

100%. That was the best two weeks of my life. Two weeks that I will never forget and friends that I’ll never lose touch with.

Who were you closest with and who will you miss the most?

George, I’m really keen to see him again. He’s a great guy. And Ovie obviously. I started to get really close with Anton.

New Couples

  • New girl Francesca got first pick and choose to couple up with Curtis
  • Joanna coupled up with Michael
  • Anna coupled up with Jordan
  • Molly-Mae coupled up with Tommy
  • Belle coupled up with Anton
  • Amber coupled up with Ovie (as friends)
  • Maura coupled up with Chris

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media Two from 9pm.

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