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WATCH: Here are the Top 10 sportspeople to follow in quarantine

Off The Ball
Off The Ball

03:32 26 Mar 2020

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We've all done it over the last couple of weeks in quarantine, scrolling endlessly through social media looking for content to keep the spirits high.

It's fair to say some sportspeople have stepped up to the mark by providing us all with some respite, a little bit of much-needed distraction from the long days ahead.

Here are just some of the sportspeople we would recommend following for some cheering up over the next while:

GOLF - Pádraig Harrington

Number of followers: 138,000 (Twitter)

Bio: Three-time Major winner

What kind of stuff do they post? Golf tutorials

Whether it's playing from the rough, how to stop hitting hooks, or grip on the club, Harrington has been filling the void with some excellent tutorials for all the golf heads out there.

Some of his videos have done remarkably well:

And Conor Moore, aka Conor Sketches, took that video up a notch:


SOCCER - Alex Scott

Number of followers: 353,000 (Instagram)

Bio: Former Arsenal and England star

What kind of stuff do they post? Instagram lives with other athletes

Athletes interviewing other athletes can tend to be boring, but Alex Scott's chats are far from that.

She has plenty of punditry experience with both BBC and Sky, and spoke to Lucy Bronze last night. More daily chats are in the pipeline.

Come for the interviews, stay for the fitness challenges:


GAELIC FOOTBALL - Ciarán Kilkenny

Number of followers: 29,700 (Twitter)

Bio: Castleknock GAA and Dublin Footballer | Degree in History in Irish | Masters in Primary Education

What kind of stuff do they post? GAA challenges

These will keep the kids busy in the garden...


TENNIS - Stefanos Tsitsipas

Number of followers: 857,000 (Instagram)

Bio: Professional Greek tennis player

What kind of stuff do they post? Creative, stay-at-home exercise videos

The 21-year-old has been keeping busy with plenty of unique videos over on his Instagram. He has also been getting involved in live Instagram chats with other top tennis stars, including Stan Wawrinka.


BASKETBALL - Rex Chapman

Number of followers: 582,700 (Twitter)

Bio: Former NBA guard, now Wildcats TV and radio announcer

What kind of stuff do they post? Heartwarming content

The Rex Chapman Foundation does work with young people suffering from opioid addiction, and the 52-year-old himself has struggled with addiction in the past.

His Twitter account has now become a place of both funny and heartwarming content. This video of a young cancer patient returning home to a parade near her home (social distancing included) is lovely:



Number of followers: 3,223 (Twitter)

Bio: Physical Education & Maths Teacher. Longford & Killoe GAA player. Ex AFL player.

What kind of stuff do they post? GAA Skills videos

We can't have too many GAA skills videos, can we?

The former Aussie Rules star has perfected the flick-up, but we're not sure how this would fare in a match situation...



Number of followers: 62 million (Instagram)

Bio: LA Lakers star

What kind of stuff do they post? You name it...

King James has been keeping his army of followers highly entertained over on his Instagram - apparently TikTok is where the kids congregate these days, and this is one of the latest trends...


SNOOKER - Stephen Hendry

Number of followers: 70,000 (Instagram)

Bio: 7x time World Snooker Champion

What kind of stuff do they post? Cue tips and photos of cigars...

Are you a snooker fan? If so, give the King of the Crucible a follow on Instagram. He has a 'Cue Tips' series that provides his followers with some basic (and some advanced) tips for fans of the baize.

If you have a pool or snooker table at home you will be a much better player in a few weeks. Here's Hendry tips for the double...


DARTS - Wayne Mardle

Number of followers: 115,000 (Twitter)

Bio: Retired arrows thrower

What kind of stuff do they post? Pure outside darts entertainment like this...


HORSE RACING - Davy Russell

Number of followers: 81,200 (Twitter)

Bio: 3x Champion Jockey

What kind of stuff do they post? Ingenious clips like this...

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