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Vera Pauw "relieved" about the FAI Government bailout

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Vera Pauw, the Ireland women's head coach has spoken about how relieved she and the squad members are about the FAI's Government bailout.

The Dutch coach was highly complimentary about the dealings she had with the FAI management over the refinancing situation and the comfort she was able to draw from being kept up to date with the situation.

“People were so honest from the first talk that I had with the management of the FAI until today because everyone has been so honest and clear about where we were standing. I’ve never had this feeling of unrest that we couldn’t cope or whatever.

“I knew that we would be in a situation that we cannot do everything that we would like to do, but I know that everybody’s doing everything that we can do and what’s possible."


Pauw was announcing her provisional squad for the Euro 2021 qualifiers in September when she made the comments.

'Honest' and 'transparent' may not be the first two words that always spring to mind when previously dealing with the FAI but that's what Pauw found in her dealings with the Irish Football governing body.

"Nobody is trying to sneak away with anything because everyone is so honest and open and transparent about the situation — which helped of course.

“I’m realistic in that I know we cannot just spend money for spending sake and that’s only a healthy situation in my opinion.”

Ahead of the Euro 2021 qualifiers, the Republic of Ireland women's side are thankful for the very small necessities that Shane Ross's not-a-bailout-bailout has afforded the team.

"Everybody’s relieved, that’s true, of course, because salaries can be paid, the basics can be paid and I’m hugely grateful for that.

“The thing is that within that national team, the drive and the will is so big that nothing can stop us.

"That feeling that I received also from the players when they were calling about things was, ‘Whatever happens, we will be there for Ireland.’

"That’s the same feeling that I have. I said, ‘Yes, whatever happens around me, I will be there."

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