Is the recommended four-year ban on Russian sporting participation likely to be imposed?

Raf Diallo
Raf Diallo

11:21 26 Nov 2019

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Over the last decade, much scrutiny has been placed on Russian sport in regards to anti-doping.

That scrutiny doesn't appear to be coming to an end either. The latest blow for Russian sport came this week. The World Anti-Doping Agency independent Compliance Review Committee recommended a four-year ban from sporting participation and in terms of hosting sporting events.

With Russia hosting games at Euro 2020, that is now at risk as well as participation in the Tokyo Olympics and 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The situation will become clearer when the report is put to the WADA executive committee on December 9th.

To discuss the matter in depth, The Guardian chief sports reporter Sean Ingle joined us on Off The Ball.

But how have major sporting bodies reacted so far?


"Interestingly, the IOC that runs the Olympic Games, it's come out with a statement where, while critical of the behaviour of the Russian lab, it does say in effect that no Russian Olympic officials have been implicated in this," said Ingle of the initial reaction.

"And it kind of paves the way for what we saw in Pyeongchang a couple of years ago where Russian athletes that are declared clean can compete. But perhaps not in Russian uniform. We'll have to wait and see as we head towards Tokyo, whether that happens."

But what decision are the WADA executive committee likely to make when they convene on November 9th?

"I think almost certainly, they will approve the WADA recommendations," he said.

"And then we go to the next stage which is what the IOC will do and whether what WADA decides is challenged at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

"Before Pyeongchang we had months and months of 'what's going to happen?' And then when a few athletes were banned, many of them did take their case to court.

"So I think this will rumble on and on again."

You can watch the full chat with Sean Ingle above via our YouTube channel.

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