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Premier League clubs being cash rich is 'a bit of a myth' - Brighton chief

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Brighton chairman Paul Barber says the lack of income during the COVID-19 crisis is proving a major strain for clubs across the Premier League. 

The Seagulls have committed to paying all of their match-day staff until the end of the season but Barber says Brighton can't rule out following Newcastle, Norwich and Tottenham in having to furlough some employees.

""I think the football industry like every other industry in the country is doing whatever it can to save as many jobs as possible, to ensure that people’s income continues and to continue to support the community wherever they can", he told BBC Five Live.

"It’s a very difficult time for everybody and I can fully understand why people think that the football industry and particularly the Premier League has got a lot of cash.

In many cases that’s not the case, it’s a bit of a myth, but what we have to do is to protect jobs, we’re doing whatever we can to do that and that’s the priority at the moment for just about every industry in the country including ours.”

Premier League and EFL clubs are set to meet with the Players Football Association later today to discuss a collective wage deferral by players.

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