Olympic hero Kellie Harrington...


Olympic hero Kellie Harrington will consider offers to turn professional

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Kellie Harrington says she will consider offers to turn professional. 

The Olympic lightweight boxing gold medalist has returned to Dublin, and will receive an open-top bus parade around her native North-East Inner City.

Harrington will return to Portland Row, where she says she's mainly looking forward to relaxing and seeing her dogs again.

However, talks about her future have already begun and it's something that hasn't escaped the 31-year old.

"What is next? I don't know what's next," she responded, when asked about her plans, "I'll just take it day by day.

"I'll have to speak to Bernard [Dunne] and my club coaches. I'm not done yet.

"I know I'm going grey and all but I still have a few years left in me.

"I'm thinking Paris, I'm thinking pro.

"I'm at the age now where you see what offer you get.

"We'll see what offers come my way. I'll do what is best for me."

Some have already been fantasy booking a professional bout between Harrington and fellow Olympic gold medalist, Katie Taylor.

The undisputed lightweight world champion turned down offers to go pro after her victory at London 2012, waiting instead until after a disappointing defence in Rio.

It's a fight Eric Donovan - among others - would not like to see.

"There are a few people that have said to me already: 'a no brainer - Katie Taylor v Kellie Harrington, it has to happen.' They're talking about Croke Park, they are getting ahead of themselves," Donovan told OTB Sports.

"There is no doubt that that fight would sell out any arena. But for me, personally, I wouldn't like to see it. They are two absolutely wonderful human beings who have revolutionised women's boxing around the world and here in Ireland.

"Both have cemented their own legacy in their own right. I love the both of them and would hate to see them squaring up against each other."

Olympic Hero Kellie Harrington Arrives Home To Dublin

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